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CEO, Precision Sourcing Canada Inc

Mr. Monir Ahmed

Mr. Monir Ahmed is an iconoclast who never settles for mediocrity. Mr. Monir has a Bachelor’s Degree in Textile Engineering and has been in the Textile Industry for over 15 years.

Monir is known and acknowledged for his craftsmanship, business acumen, and professional dealings. With a passion for manufacturing, and sourcing quality textile products, Monir has always strived for bigger things in life which led to the creation of his dream project: Precision Textile Industry Limited (Bangladesh).

From manufacturing printed T-shirts in small numbers to working with brands like ZARA and H&M, Monir’s journey is full of inspiration and pure genius.

Precision Textile Industry Limited

Managing Director

Integrated Textile Resources Limited

Assistant Manager
1st April 2003 to 30th October 2013

Monir Ahmed

CEO, Precision Sourcing Canada Inc